Group and Workplace CPR Certification

ValueCPR is built with groups in mind. We understand organizations are all different so we created a group portal with lots functionality and flexibility to manage groups.

Multiple ways to add users

Group leaders have three different ways to add users: (1) input by using a simple form (2) upload via Excel (3) registration codes to give students

Allow employees to signup on their own

Create a group code and share with your employees. A group code allows individuals to signup using their own preferred email address without needing any credit card or billing details.

This sounds great. How do I get started?

Signing up is easy. (1) Go to a course page using one of the product cards below. (2) Select ‘Group’ next to the price (3) Input the number of users needed (4) Create a group name. After that, purchase like normal. That’s all! You will now have access to the Group Leader Portal.

Do you offer group or bulk pricing?

Group Discount purchases apply to 5 or more!

QuantityDiscount %
5 – 910
10 – 7415
75 – 24920
Discounts will automatically be applied upon checkout. No coupon code needed.
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