Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Value CPR (, a website of RJD International Search LLC, has a set privacy policy, as described below. This policy is used for any information collected from clients requesting information and registered students. It covers the collection, use, and disclosure of private information. The protection of private information is important to Value CPR.

Information collected:

  • Provided Data: Basic personal information is necessary in order to register a student account with the institute. This includes, name, address, phone numbers, and email address. This information is provided voluntarily and used to complete the certification process.
  • Email Communications: Emails sent to Value CPR will be retained in order to respond to requests and provide exceptional customer service. These messages will be saved for record keeping purposes.
  • Web Cookies: When visiting ValueCPR’s site, a small text file will be sent from a server to your browser. The browser then sends a message back to the server when a page from our site is requested. This file will be stored on your computer. Browser settings may be altered to disable web cookies.
  • Outside Sites: This policy applies only to pages owned by Value CPR. We have no liability for pages linked to and from our site, including search results and other sites with cookies stored in your browser.

Information Utilization:

  • Contact information will be used to communicate with students if an error arises.
  • Payment information will be processed by a third party to provide compensation to Value CPR for CPR & First Aid as authorized by the provider during the registration process.
  • Information will be shared with third parties as required by law.
  • Personal information will be retained for feedback following course completion, notification of expiring certifications, and other course related needs.
  • Information will be retained as needed for company records.
  • Failure to provide necessary personal data may interfere with or impede the certification process.

Privacy Protection:

  • We will not share or sell your personal information without your permission unless required by law.
  • We work in good faith to prevent the loss, alteration, and misuse of data by Value CPR for CPR & First Aid, but we are not liable for your information. Submissions are at your own risk.
  • We are not liable for security breaches within the third party billing company.
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